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03:48am 09/10/2009
  why is it so hard to be happy?  
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01:17am 20/07/2009

02:22pm 21/06/2009
  As things stand, the U.S. is still mathematically alive for a semifinal berth -- all that needs to happen is Bob Bradley's men beat the Pharaohs by at least three goals and Italy loses to Brazil by four goals. If that sounds like a tall order, you're right. It's a sequence of events that is about as likely to happen as Paris Hilton becoming the next UNICEF ambassador. (the ESPN Soccernet blogger before the match today).

Turns out US won 3-0, Italy lost 3-0, and the US goes on hahahaha
silly last night.   
09:25am 20/06/2009
  I learned more spanish in 30 minutes of walking 5 blocks to my car in downtown medford + driving myself + random mexican guy home then in 2 years of high school spanish and 2 years of being in cali. Imagine that. I'd wager being falling down drunk helped with that.
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11:21am 29/05/2009
  oh andre.

specter1300:  yea they are hot
they are the kind of white guy I would get down on
 me:  hahaha


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12:01am 25/03/2009
  Happy Birthday Hieu!  
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Andre and other Oregon fans   
02:00pm 13/03/2009
  Not really that surprised (it was either now or next season), but the Head Coach for UofO football stepped down to become the AD today. Over his tenure every other Pac10 team had at least 3 coaches. Good luck to Chip Kelly in succeeding him.  
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03:58am 21/02/2009
  probably timeline.jpg but check this shit out rofl

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09:56am 20/01/2009
  let the attempt pool be in session. 100 days and within a year are claimed already.  
04:05am 21/09/2008
  Dear Kerni,

You owe me a pair of jeans and a button down from express bro <3



PS holy shit you were drunk.

andrews party was pretty entertaining other then the ending. more later
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03:12am 31/08/2008
   Interesting oregon trip...fun stuff but not fun getting home. Car breaks down so i'm stuck at Scott's (which is great since he's a total bro) but this means i'm catching a 4am bus to pdx to catch my plane from pdx back home to sfo....i'm gonna be hella tired when i get home tomorrow zzzzz

btw doughco is fucking godly wtb them everywhere these zones are so good i'd almost have sex with them.
03:48am 17/07/2008
  insert informative post here about my life reassuring the legions of adoring fans i have that i am in fact still alive, 42 is still the meaning of life, and that i do care once in a while. afk  
05:02am 14/06/2008
  wtb delete key for yesterday pst  
02:36am 04/06/2008
mood: //_-; WHY AM I AWAKE
I find it rather depressing that there are probably ZERO pictures of the greatest/most fun night of my life. If there are, they're in the possession of people i will probably never see again and only met a couple times anyways...shame really :/

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01:21am 04/06/2008
mood: awake
Hey bemani kids, i have iidx 4th and a us iidx controller sitting around in my room that i never plan on using again, anyone want it? hit me up on aim if you're interested and we'll figure something out.
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09:47pm 31/05/2008
  9:45:59 PM) CAFFY: they seem to have this ridiculous 50/50 idea
(9:46:05 PM) TEZCAT: haha, no
(9:46:08 PM) TEZCAT: good lord
(9:46:29 PM) TEZCAT: they should be grateful that an amazing person like yourself is graciously willing to admit defeat 10% of the time
(9:46:36 PM) CAFFY: afuckingmen
(9:46:43 PM) TEZCAT: don't they understand that those few victories are that much sweeter?
(9:46:48 PM) TEZCAT: it's not like you're a TYRANT.

So uh afk life one month, workin 72 hour weeks until July. relaxing my ass off until monday when it starts.
05:31pm 25/05/2008
  Quick update on life i guess.

Working now zzzzz

Glad it isn't 2349820394 degrees outside

Still playing WoW (Velen : Scrumptious if you care)

Playing AoC now too (Ajujo : Caffy)

Life is decent i guess, i'm alive, semi happy, and i have good music.

ps i forgot how fucking awesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABqh9N-Mw5E is both song and video
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03:57pm 03/04/2008
  This totally made my day.

A preoccupied vegan named Hugh
picked up the wrong sandwich to chew.
He took a big bite
before spitting, in fright,
02:01am 25/03/2008
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02:21pm 15/02/2008
  Dear Andrew and Andre,

Thanks for everything, you guys are the best. <3

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